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Ali Nuhu is a successful Nollywood actor that hails from the northern part of Nigeria. He is one of the most popular actors in the Nollywood variant known as Kannywood.  Kannywood movies are movies that feature media that is used in the promotion of the Hausa language in movies. In the course of the article, we would be looking at the biography of Ali Nuhu, Net worth, and family life with his wife Maimuna Garba. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Ali Nuhu Biography


Ali Nuhu Biography

Ali Nuhu is a talented Kannywood actor that was born in Maiduguri, March 15, 1974. Ali Nuhu is currently 47 years of age. The veteran Nigerian actor has his birthplace at Gombe state, Nigeria.

The name of the father of Ali Nuhu is Nuhu Poloma and hails from the Balanga town in Gombe state. It is important to note that the dad of Ali Nuhu was the former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Gombe state.

The mom of this popular Kannywood actor is Haija Fatima karderam Digema. She hailed from Bama village in Borno state and was a former headmistress and school teacher. The mother of Ali Nuhu passed on in 1999, while the dad passed on in June 2020 at the age of 78.

Taking a Dip into the Educational Background of Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu is an educated Kannywood actor. It is important to note that he attended the Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa from the years 1989 to 1991. In this secondary school, he obtained his Senior Secondary school leaving certificate. Ali Nuhu has his bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Jos. He did his tertiary education from the years 1992 to 1997. He went on to do his youth service in Oyo state, Ibadan.

In a bid to boost his acting career, Ali Nuhu went to the University of Southern California to study film production and cinematic arts. He went on to take part in a film training program that was held at the Asian School of media studies in New Delhi.

The Career Summary of Ali Nuhu

According to a statement by Ali Nuhu, he had his first audition at the University of Jos. That was after he saw an advertisement by the NTA (Nigerian Television Authority).  Ali made his debut in the Nigerian movie industry with the film Abin Sirri Ne. Ali Nuhu has since managed to feature in several sequel films including Azal, Stinda, and Jarumin Maza. All these feats do not come without a price. That is why he was awarded as the Best Actor in a supporting role during the African Movie Awards in 2007. Did you know that Ali Nuhu has featured in over 500 Nigerian movies?

Here is a list of awards and nominations that were bagged by Ali Nuhu in the course of his Nollywood/Kannywood acting career:


·     1. Arewa Films Best Actor- 2007

      2. The third Africa Movie Academy Awards Best Upcoming                 Actor Award- 2008

       3.  Future Award Best Actor – 2011    

       4.  The Zulu African Film Academy Awards -2012

       5.  Best Actor Nigeria Entertainment Awards – 2013

       6. Kannywood Face City People Entertainment Awards – 2014

       7.  Arewa Creative Industry Awards- 2016

       8.  Best Director City People Entertainment Awards

       9. Best of Nollywood Awards Special Recognition Award- 2017

1    10.Norther Film Makers Best Actor - 2021 

     Ali Nuhu is the most decorated actor in the Hausa Cinema. Ali Nuhu in the course of his career has been a major part of many movie festivals. For instance, the Abuja International Movies festival, the Pyongyang Film Festival that was held in North Korea, and the Zuma Film Festival.

What is the Net worth of Ali Nuhu?

The success of Ali Nuhu cannot go down without some financial success. In light of this, the Net worth of Ali Nuhu is $1 million. It is important to note that Ali Nuhu is the wealthiest actor in the Hausa Movie Industry.

Ali Nuhu’s Marriage

Ali Nuhu wife and children

Ali Nuhu got married to Maimuna Garba in 2003 according to Islamic rites. On his anniversary in 2018, Ali praised his wife on his Instagram handle. Quoting him; “our love grows more tremendously swift, full and poignant as the years multiply.”

Their Union for the past 18 years has been blessed with three children. Nuhu has two daughters Nawahir and Fatima, and then a son- Ahmad.


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