4 Nigerians That Have Built Houses For Their Mothers

 One of the prayers that parents pray for their kids is that they turn out successful. Parents also want their children to turn out to be people that they can depend on in old age. Most young persons in Nigeria have shown gratitude to their parents by easing their burdens and giving them houses that they always longed for. In the course of this article, we will be looking at 4 young Nigerians that have built houses for their mothers.

 1. Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro

 Since the wind blew off the roof of their old house, Ogbonnaya Okoro made a promise to his mom that he would build a new house if he gets flamboyant. Okoro ended up building a four-bedroom house for his mother and painted it beautifully.

2. Emmanuella Emmanuella 

   Emmanuella is a comic actress and grabbed the spotlight when she built a super-modern house for her mother. Emmanuella is a popular Nigerian comedian that is part of the successful Mark Angel Comedy group. She took to Instagram to share photos of the house that she built for her mother. She built the house to show appreciation for what her mother had done for her.


3. Somto 

Source: Twitter

For Somto’s mom, she has been complaining about rent issues for a long time. And to bring the problem to a stop, Somto with the help of his siblings, built the mom a house.

4. Comedian Sir Balo 

Sir Balo, as he is popularly known is a popular comedian that went through hard times before hitting the roads of success. He was a big hustler that once hawked gala in a bid to fend for himself. Worth noting is that Sir Balo used to be a barman between 2014 and 2015. He went on to build an 8 bedroom apartment for his mother.




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