4 Ways The Twitter Ban in Nigeria Would Affect Online Businesses

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria, on the 4th of June, issued an indefinite suspension of Twitter in the nation. Well, since that development, a lot of Nigerians have turned to VPN providers to tweak the location of their internet connection and access the platform.

Nigeria decided to start licensing all OTT( over the top)  and social media platforms that the Nigerian cyberspace consumes. A lot of Nigerians has gone to other social media platforms to show their disgust over the move that the federal government made over Twitter.

twitter ban

In the course of this article, I would be elucidating on how Nigerian infopreneurs and other businesses would be affected by the Twitter ban. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

In this opinion-based article, I would go further to illustrate how the Twitter ban would affect the Nigerian economy and other businesses that thrive without the presence of their brands on Twitter.

He is a review of online side-hustle industries that would be affected by the Twitter ban.

#1. Influencers

The influencer marketing niche in Nigeria has grown so much that anyone with an online presence, good video content and tangible followership could snap up deals from big corporations. We are talking of the likes of comedians, athletes, vloggers and so on.

Although most influencers in Nigeria use Instagram more than Twitter, some would still be grossly affected by the Twitter ban.

Most influencers use the hashtag culture to cause virility for their video content and create brand awareness for their product solutions or that of other brands.

#2. Freelancers

Another category of individuals in Nigeria that would be greatly affected by the Twitter ban is Freelancers. A lot of skilled persons are living off the internet. For instance, I am a freelance writer on the “Upwork Platform”. Other than Upwork, a lot of freelancers in different skill categories use Twitter for job hunting or a hub for showcasing their digital services. A good example of freelancers that use Twitter to promote or run their digital side-hustle are programmers and graphic designers.  I am not attacking the Nigerian government, but should this indefinite ban become definite, a lot of livelihoods would be put at risk.

#3. Startups

A lot of Nigerian startups have been experiencing a huge boost in their ROI (Return of investment). Most especially, start-ups that have product delivery logistics made a lot of money in the covid-19 season.

With the Twitter ban, the online presence of a lot of brands would be jeopardized. This would make these start-ups turn to other less effective social media platform for business. Truth is, Twitter is the best social media platform for startups. The reason is the virility that is triggered by most brands can be measured and controlled. Twitter advertisements according to most digital marketing experts like; Singlegrain, assert that the ROI in the Twitter advertisement is higher than in other social media platforms.

A lot of Nigerian platforms use Twitter to establish a working relationship between customers and their product solutions.

Other Brick and Mortar Businesses

A lot of SMEs are important to the development of the Nigerian economy. Did you know that according to Nairametrics.com, Small and medium enterprises contribute as much as 60-70% of the Nigerian economy with jobs?  SMEs also contribute at least 48% of the national GDP and also account for 84% of employment.

The majority of these SMEs use Twitter as a vendor platform for their products and services.  Truth is, nobody knows whether a ban on other social media platforms would follow.


A lot of SMEs, start-ups, Influencers, etc, depend on Twitter as a source of livelihood. Twitter is not just a platform where Nigerians go to pour out all the sarcasm that they can garner, it is also a business hub.

How has the Twitter ban affected you personally, share your thoughts in the comment section down below?



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