Bone Straight Hair In Nigeria: Price and Interesting Facts

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Bone straight hair is a super trendy hair type that every Nigerian Woman Craves. It is a hair that fits it’s budget and has features that make it buy-worthy. In the course of this article, we would be looking at bone straight hair price, what bone straight hair is, and its characteristics. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

 What is bone straight hair?

Bone straight hair is a kind of straight hair attachment that is worn by ladies as a wig. It has a feel that makes it to appear thin, sleek, and scanty. Bone straight is also made raw and has firm strands, thus the use of the word “bone straight”.

bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is a hair attachment that is unique from other types of hair attachments. The reason for this is that it is not processed with chemicals. Plus its manufacturing requires heat and Vietnamese herbs. This is why it has its characteristic straight nature.


Bone straight hair is mainly known to be made from human hair, and it’s gotten from Indian women. However times have changed the settings of wants, most human hair wigs these days, are gotten from Vietnamese and Cambodian women.

The Different Types of bone straight hair


All three types of bone straight hair have exceptional qualities and perfection which accounts for its beauty.

  • Single Drawn: this contains multiple lines of hairs mixed in the extension. This type of bone straight hair is thick at the top, tapers down at the middle, while the end is thin and silky. This is usually the cheapest bone straight hair you can ever get.

  • Double Drawn: This type of bone straight hair usually has the same length all through, it is more costly than the single draw type, and of course, has more quality and perfection. It is thick at the top, middle, and bottom.

  • Super-double Drawn: the name of this kind of bone straight already tells how magnificent it would be. This type of bone straight is the most costly and has the best quality you can ever ask for. It also fits in your natural hair. It’s the finest and also the costliest among the three.


Nigerian Celebrities That flaunt their bone straight hair on social media


Bone straight hair possesses a peculiar ability to stand straight, not like most hair normally does. The main reason why most girls want to keep a bone straight is because of its beauty and ability to outshine.

Bone straight Hair price on jumia Nigeria


Bone straight hair varies in size and type, also, bone straight hair varies in amount. moreover, you could afford a bone straight hair between ₦60,000 to ₦300,000 and above. The popular Jumia shipping company surprises its buyers with a relatively cheap amount of bone straight hair. The main reason why jumia’s reduction in prices is conversant on their bone straight is that each bone straight is being sold at a discount rate. I mean most of the hairs are sold on 42% off, 38% off, e.t.c. However, the prices of bone straight on jumia is recommendable and economical. They  range from ₦4,000 to ₦8,000 and above.


Prices of bone straight hair on Konga

Another popular ecommerce site that is a major vendor of bone straight hair is Konga. They were founded on the 12th of July 2012, Lagos State, Nigeria. There website has a display of amazing bone straight products. If you need one, just ping the site and take a look at what they have to offer.

You may find the price on this shipping website more comfortable. It is important to note that bone straight hair on Konga is sold at a sizeable discount rate. My advice is to hurry up and get yours now.

The prices of bone straight on Konga, considering their discount rate ranges from ₦8,000 to ₦20,000.

Difference between Vietnamese and bone straight Hair


It is important to note that the Bone straight hair is very much distinct from Cambodian and Vietnamese hair extensions. Though this hair types offer a natural-looking and attractive texture.

The major feature that makes bone straight hair to be distinct from Vietnamese hair, is that Vietnamese hair is silky and rough, while bone straight is the direct opposite. It has firm strands, which makes it sought after by a lot of Nigerian women.

However, both hair types are a good fit for any lady that wants to add some fashion to her skull!

The durability of bone straight hair

Unlike natural bone straight hair, bone straight requires very little or no styling. This is why possessing one is hassle-free. The bone straight hair does not tangle because it has free and firm strands. However, recent research shows bone straight hair could last for a very long time and even be recycled for multiple use. In addition, most people would assume bone straight, is the most costly hair extension in Nigeria.but the truth is, it is not.


In the course of this article, we looked at some of the most interesting features of Bone straight hair. And also elucidate on why most Nigerian ladies consider the hair to be buy-worthy. For the price options of the bone straight, the cost of having one on an average scale is ₦15,000. And the best place that is budget friendly for purchasing bone straight hair in Nigeria is either Jumia or Konga.


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