How To Rap

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Many people think rapping is singing word afterword, making people laugh or clap for them, but Rap God by Eminem doesn’t suggest so. Rap God displayed a more critical quality of speed, contracts, and other important factors we will be discussing below.

Also, Rap God by Eminem doesn’t display all the qualities of a good rap song, but Eminem does, so let’s get started. My advice, grab a drink, feel comfortable, it’s going to be a long but interesting lesson, enjoy!

How to rap

Practically, I’m going to start with how to become a quality rapper as a beginner and so you don’t get confused on the way.

Basically, you need to relish the prospect of becoming a good rapper. I mean get out of your shell and enjoy what you do, try changing your goal from becoming a rapper to start rapping.

You won’t believe what you can do until you start doing it, anyway try this one and you’ll see.

Rapping as a beginner would be very challenging, I mean, very challenging. However, there’s nothing you cannot handle, life throws at us what we can handle. It is important to know that Eminem handled a lot before becoming one of the best in the business.

Alright, now we’ve built your mind on what the future is going to look like, so let’s jump right in.


I guarantee, if you carefully follow the guide listed below, you would be one of the best in the business by the end of the day. You may not as good as Eminem, but, you would soon acquire some basic knowledge about how to rap in  years to come.

Write Down Your Raps Daily


I discussed earlier hard work, this is where it comes in, write down at least 20 raps every day. This tip will make you communicate with your environment. Also, help yourself, don’t add unnecessary words in your rap. Don’t add words like; eyo, hey, whatsup, e.t.c. you know them, don’t add these words. These Practices  will just make the rap long and scanty, besides, you may end up writing the same thing in all 20s.

Writing 20 raps would seem pretty awful, but you won’t get bored and stressed if you write down 20 topics every day. This is where creating a topic for your rap comes in.

Choose a topic to rap about

Coming up with a topic is simple. All you need is some artistic indulgence. Looking for Rap Topic Ideas? simply look around you, what do you see, hear, touch or feel? how can you fix what’s going on around the world with Rhymes? There! You can come up with an amazing theme to suit your Rhymes.

What if you are finding it difficult to choose a topic from the guide above. Then you have to try choosing one from  what you have heard or what you can touch.  It is important to know that there a lots of topics that a want to be rapper can choose from. Just go for one that best suits your Rap Persona.

Also, after writing your 20 rap songs of at least 16 lines each, try to add a chorus. A chorus in a rap is just a phrase that listeners will get along with easily. It is best to avoid using complicated words and sentences to build your chorus.

Employ the Use of Contrast


Contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else in a juxtaposition or close association. When writing your raps, always try creating a possible contrast of what it is you are saying.  You need to know the opposing fact or similar fact of what you are talking about.

Better still you could create a contrast in the music itself, for example, let the beat be a sad one, and your rap be a happy one. You can also create a contrast using rich and poor in the rap song. A rapper can also make a contrast with the below listed phrases:

– It’s been 5 years and no one has truly lived up to Kendrick Lamar’s” control verse yet”

– Now to the one that S-P-E-L-L out T-H-E M-E-A-N-I-N-G.

– I’m the L.I.L to the K.I.M and not B.I.G., R.I.P baby.

– You n****s want wordplay, I’m back bird play/first of the month, yeah, he called that bird day (look at e’m fly).

Employ the Use of Rhymes and Phrases

Rhymes and phrases can’t be an exception in your rap song. In the rap industry, they are very  powerful ways to make your raps to reach the minds of your audience. It is important for a wanna be rapper not to miss out on this tip!

Rapping is a genre of music that incorporates rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular. Most importantly, rappers are very much conversant with the AABB rhyme scheme. The reason for this is that it is the way that most most rap beats are made,… So to avoid blending too much with the beat. The best practice is to try to change the ryhme pattern every two bars.

If a rapper wants to get some more rap patterns, one easy hack is to use a rhyming dictionary.

Have a person you want to follow in the Rap Industry


Lastly, choose your predecessor, I advise you to pick those who challenged social norms so you could learn a lot from them, a few are listed below

– Dessa

– Cardio B

– Tyler the creator

– Curren$y

– Chance the rapper

– Eminem

– Drake and many others.

Also, try to practice out loud and behave more likely as if you are in front of an audience, it also helps to increase your stage performance quality.

Now that you have known what most rappers know, drop a comment and tell us what you think, and don’t forget 20 raps with 16 lines each.



If this content was beneficial to you, spread the love!

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