Practical Steps on How to Tie Gele

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 A lot of ladies, especially in Africa, are stuck in the dilemma of how to tie Gele. Some always get disappointed, some give up while some pay others to do it for them. Have you thought about tying your Gele by yourself? Yes!  It’s a very simple skill that you can learn without stress.

This article is going to show you where you’ve been getting it wrong, what to do and of course how to tie your Gele. So that you can look so amazing and beautiful on every occasion.

There are several methods and styles of tying Gele, but I’ll be showing you ten simple steps of tying Gele. I’ve realized that tying Gele is a process. And Ladies trying to add more style to it, it sometimes become more difficult especially for beginners.  I’ve decided to simplify this skill for you in eight simple steps, just so you can learn how to tie your Gele. I assure you that When you apply these steps you will learn to tie a beautiful Gele for yourself and even others, trust me.


These eight steps are very simple, just get the material of your choice right away and follow my lead. Please note that You can tie your Gele with any material you desire, there are no limitations to the materials you can use. It’s could be Ankara, Aso-oke, plain materials, etc. So choose the one you want let’s get started.


STEP 1: Smoothen the Material

Please note that you don’t need rough or rumpled material if you want a beautiful gele. You need a very smooth material, therefore if your material is rumpled,. Here you would need to use a pressing iron to stretch the Gele material to have a perfect feel. But if you’re sure your material is good then just start, with the first step, which is below. Fold your Gele material in a neat and smooth way at the foundation. This would give it a smooth base that you  need in the future part of the tutorial. You only need about two or three neat folds.

how to tie gele

STEP 2: Hold the Gele Material and Fold with Your Fingers

After getting a tight and neat foundation with your Gele material, tie it around your head. While tying it, make sure that you maintain the folded lines for the foundation. Use the remaining unfolded parts of the material and begin to create pleats around the head. Endeavor  to keep the pleats neat and tight from back to front. Don’t forget you can make it on your head or another person’s head.

In other to create the pleats, just use your hand to hold the outstretched fabric and begin to fold with your fingers. The pleats must be equal both in front and back.

step 2 on how to tie gele 

STEP 3: Create Pleats with your Folding

This stage involves continuous folding and creating of pleats. You have to create at least 10-12 pleats depending on the size of your fabric. While doing this ensure you leave some fabric, use your hand and take a part of the fabric from the left side towards the right ear. Also take from the right and wrap it around towards the left ear. You will notice that the left side will become shorter than the right side.


STEP 4: Adjust the Pleats of the Gele

At this point, you need to adjust the pleats you created close to your head. you would need to  maintain what you already did in the previous step. Cross over the left side to the right and the right. Side to the left again, then Hold it firmly at the back, to ensure it’s well fitted.

STEP 5: Rearrange Pleats to suit your Style

This stage requires lots of fittings and arrangements. Make sure the length is properly fitted under the shorter fabric and vice versa. You need to arrange the pleats and ensure that all the layers are properly aligned and in equal measurements.

Squeeze the edges of the Gele properly. This would ensure that it has not rough part while trying to make it to have a fan-like style.  This fan-like style is what would make the Gele to be catchy and beautiful. However, you must be careful in other to achieve a good one.

 STEP 6: Repeat the Folding 

Here you have to Repeat the process of folding the longer under the shorter, after which you create more pleats with the remaining fabric on a new layer,  You can achieve this by placing your thumb at the back of the fabric and running it carefully along in other to create the desired folds. Continue pleating until all the fabrics are used up. this later should be a bit later than the previous sizes.


STEP 7: Secure and have a firm Grip of the material

Secure and grip your fabric correctly. After several folding and pleat creations, you would need to either use both ends of the fabric to knot tightly at the back. You can also make use of pins to hold your fabric and ensure it’s not loose.

STEP 8: Fix rough Edges of Your Gele

Fix the rough parts of the fabric, this is the stage where the finishing touches take place. So you ensure that no part of the fabric is loose. Also ensure that it is properly secured to avoid losing of during many activities like dancing. Push the fabric backward a little, this will help to give your face that sharp look this desires. Make sure your ears are fixed inside the Gele.


how to tie gele

Hurray! Your gele is ready. You see in just 8 steps your gele is ready.


The Gele is an interesting wear that can go along with any outfit, be it; bone straight hair, Brazilian or the conventional hair. You can use Gele on any hair type without any fuss.

I advise you to use these steps and keep practicing. Just as they say: practice makes perfect! 

There are several benefits, asides from making your Gele in different styles. If you learn this skill, you can choose to monetize it.

These 8 simple steps have cleared the confusion for ladies who do not know how to tie their Gele.

Ensure you drop your comments and questions and we will serve you right away.

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