How to track Canada Application Visa from Nigeria

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Verified International Stay Approval is what the acronym VISA stands for. A visa is defined as an endorsement in the blueprint that is placed within a passport. It is a notarized document that grants the holder official permission to reside in a country for a specified time.

Track canada visa application Most visas require additional applications to be filled before entering the country or destination. Meanwhile, other visas may be granted upon entering the country. These countries are known as visa free countries. For Nigerians, there are at least 45 visa-free countries.

One of the most interesting countries that Nigerians want to visit is Canada. There are lots of Nigerians that apply for visas daily to get to Canada. Some apply for educational purposes, others apply for medical aid, while some just have residential reasons.

Applying for a Canadian visa and also tracking it can be a lot of hassle. That is why we have come to your aid with this guide.

This article is designed to help any Nigerian to easily track their Canada visa application from Nigeria we would also review different types of visas and other important information. You won’t get bored trust me if you’ve encountered any problem while tracking your Canada visa. Sometimes it might be your first time applying. No worries, you have come to the number one authoritative blog in Nigeria.

Types of Canadian visas Nigerians can Apply for

Before driving you straight to how you can track your Canada visa, let us take you through the different types of Canadian visas.

Visa is divided into two major types, the immigrant and non-immigrant visa.

  • The immigrant visa is issued generally to those who are granted permission to reside in the HOST country permanently.
  • Meanwhile, the non-immigrant visa allows the bearer into the HOST country based on living temporarily.

Non-immigrant visas Can be shuffled into many other categories which include;


  • Business and tourist visa with Visa type B
  • Work visa with Visa type H, L, O, P, Q
  • Student visa with Visa type F and M
  • Exchange visitor visa with Visa type J
  • Transit and ship crew visa with Visa type C and D
  • Religious worker visa with Visa type R
  • Domestic employee visa with Visa type B1
  • Journalist and media visa with Visa type I


Visas are used for traveling purposes and are permitted by a foreign authority to enter a country for specific reasons and purposes. Visa is used as a way of certifying that you were authorized to do something or get a job opportunity.

What would happen if you don’t travel with Visa

Basically, you will not be allowed to board the plane or any other traveling vehicle. On a genera note, individuals that are migrating from one country to another need visas. Though there are countries that are visa free. Some others allow individuals to have what is called “visa on entry access.”

In most civilized countries that are not visa-free, you could cause big problems for yourself as you may face the risk of being deported to your parent country.

How to track Canada visa Application in Nigeria (Practical Guide)

When getting started on tracking your Canada visa in Nigeria you will probably receive an email update. This email update comes when your application has been received in the application center.

If the applicant is out of reach with their email, they would get an SMS update. This SMS update is usually sent to the number that you used to register for the Canadian visa.

Moreover, you should go to the Nigerian visa application center and check whether these informational services are available. Also, tracking your visa application status using online means is very much available. Use the reference number present on the invoice or receipt issued by the visa application center along with your last name to access the server.

Possible problems you could encounter when tracking your Canada visa

I do not guarantee you have a successful tracking testimony. However, when tracking your Canada visa in Nigeria many undesirable problems might occur. One of such includes; having to travel from one visa application center of a state to another. Which always incurs some additional costs in the overall visa-getting expenditure.

Also, the online tracking method could result in different inaccessible errors. Some of these problems of online accessibility can result to delay and postponement of important travels.

It is important to note that the Canada visa application center in Nigeria can help you ease your applications hassles.

Agencies that can help track Canada visa Applications in Nigeria

Travel agencies are not at jurisdiction to help you track your Canada visa application. However, you are always advised as a traveler to make your travel agent your friend.

Most travel agencies in Nigeria have a success rate of 87%. This means that they are capable of helping you to track your Canada visa application without any fuss.

You should be well aware that payments are only made physically to travel agencies in Nigeria. Although there are some agencies that can be trusted with online payments such as Waka Now and Travel Beta.

Here is a list of other travel agencies that can help you to keep track of your visa application in Nigeria.

  1. Mayfair travel Nigeria limited
  2. Gadeshire travel and tours Ltd
  3. City travels and tours
  4. Empire travels services
  5. Rewards travels and tours Ltd
  6. Aeronet travels and resorts limited

You can also visit, for more details about online tracking.

If you have any further questions, meet me in the comment section.

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