How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

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how to transfer airtime on mtn

Do you possess an MTN SIM card? And is stuck up with the best procedure for transferring airtime? Well, this definitive guide would elucidate how to transfer airtime on MTN to your friends and loved ones in Nigeria.

Well the best way to share airtime on MTN is via a platform that was built by MTN. It is called MTN share. It would be important to know that transferring airtime on MTN is free of charge. Anybody that follows this guide, would be able to send airtime to either prepaid or postpaid customers on the Network.

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would elucidate on how you can use MTN share to share Airtime to another MTN sim. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Airtime can be defined as an amount that is used for making calls and for purchasing mobile data. There are a lot of things that you can do with Airtime on MTN. You can borrow airtime, buy airtime directly from your bank account, and transfer it to another MTN line.

Before you can use your MTN sim card to transfer airtime, you need to first change your transfer pin.

How to Change your Transfer Pin so that you would be able to Transfer Airtime on MTN.

How To Change your Transfer Pin on MTN Nigeria

Did you know that the default value for your Transfer Pin on your SIMCARD is “0000”? This is a pin that is automatically assigned by the network provider to SIM holders. But, you can’t afford to leave those digits as your default pin.

You need to change your default MTN transfer pin to your own personal pin. This is so that you would be able to perform an authorized transfer of airtime on MTN.

Now, how are you going to go about this critical procedure?

There are two simple steps that you can follow to change your MTN transfer pin.

STEP 1: You can Change your Transfer pin via SMS

Did you know that you can use a short messaging service that is cost-free to change your airtime transfer pin?

Yes, you can! Just send an SMS with the following text format- “0000 NEW PIN NEW PIN” to 600. Say your new pin is 1224, all you need to do is to send “0000 1224 1224 ” to 600. If you have done this, you have successfully changed your MTN transfer pin.

 STEP 2: Change your MTN transfer pin with a USSD code

how to transfer airtime on mtn

Another approach for changing your MTN transfer pin is to dial *600*Default PIN* NEW PIN* NEW PIN #. Your default Airtime transfer pin is “0000”. After this, follow the next prompt and click on send or simply press ok.  A practical example, assuming your new pin choice is “1234”, is to dial: *600* 0000* 1234 *1234# The old USSD code for transferring airtime used to be “*777*0000*1234*1234#”.

how to transfer airtime on mtn

Once you are done changing your MTN transfer pin, you would get an SMS notifying you that you have successfully changed your Pin. After this, the next step would be to proceed to Transfer the Airtime to the MTN line of your choice.

For reference sake, we would be using 081234567 as the number that you want to send the airtime to.

There are approaches for transferring airtime on MTN. you can either do it via SMS or via a USSD code.


Another approach would be to directly dial *600#. Here, you would get three options on your interface; Transfer Airtime, Change pin, Help. Click on the change pin option, input the default pin and then set your new pin.



How to Transfer Airtime via SMS

The procedures for transferring airtime on MTN are very simple and sell explanatory. In a bid to transfer airtime via SMS, all you need to do is send the recipients number, amount and PIN to 600. For instance, you can send an SMS with this text format; “Transfer 081234567 [Amount] [Your transfer PIN]”. Here is a practical example; ‘transfer 081234567 1000 1234’ to 600.

When you send this SMS to 600, you would get a confirmatory message that would prompt you to complete the transaction. This you would do by replying ‘YES’ to 600.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN with USSD code

how to transfer airtime on mtn

If you want to use the USSD feature of MTN share to transfer airtime, simply dial *600* Recipients Number* Amount*PIN#. After this, you would get a prompt to click on send/press Ok. For instance, when you dial *600*081234567*1000*1234#, you would send 1000 to the recipient’s number.

When you are done performing this transfer transaction, you would receive a confirmatory message that the Airtime transfer on MTN was a success.

In the past, the USSD code for performing this transfer was *777* recipients number*amount*PIN. But afore stated coded is the latest way of transferring airtime on MTN via USSD code.

Important Guidelines Set out by MTNshare.

Like I stated earlier, MTN share is responsible for managing the transfer of airtime on the MTN Network. Let us look into some of the guidelines that they set out for transferring airtime on their Network.

  • Airtime transfer on the MTN network cannot be done in Kobo units, but the only naira. The Kobo unit runs in decimal, while the naira runs in tens, hundreds and thousands. For instance, you cannot transfer N71.99 but can transfer N71.
  • In a single MTN airtime transfer transaction, a customer can transfer between N50 to N5,000 only.
  • The only N100,000 can be transferred from your phone in a single day or on multiple MTN accounts in a day.
  • There is no limit to the number of transactions that can be performed per day.
  • The transfer transaction cannot be completed if your MTN prepaid account does not hold enough airtime to cover the transfer amount. The transactions would not reach completion, and you would receive an error message.
  • For postpaid customers, you can only perform an airtime transfer when your account is positive. So, this implies that if your account is in the negative (-), you won’t be able to make an airtime transfer. For instance, if your account balance is –N400, you would not be able to make use of MTN share. Moreover, if your account balance is N1000, you can perform a transaction of up to N1000.


I hope that this definitive guide would be enough to satisfy your query on “how to transfer airtime on MTN”. The previous code that was associated with MTN airtime transfer was *777#.

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