Itel S16 Buyers Guide: Is this the most Outstanding Phone in Itel Series?

itel s16

One of the most interesting smartphones that have been recently introduced in the itel product line is itel S16.  This is a smartphone that has interesting features that any Nigerian can fall in love with. If you are looking for a smartphone that is budget-friendly and has wonderful specs, you have your go-to phone here. … Read more

How to track Canada Application Visa from Nigeria

Track canada visa application

Verified International Stay Approval is what the acronym VISA stands for. A visa is defined as an endorsement in the blueprint that is placed within a passport. It is a notarized document that grants the holder official permission to reside in a country for a specified time. Most visas require additional applications to be filled … Read more

Practical Guide on How To Bake

how to start bakery business in nigeria

When you feel exhausted and you think the need to refill is important, I’d advise you to bake. It’s a good choice because it is easy and stress-free. If you follow strictly the basic steps in this article you should get over it, just after you’re done reading. In this how to guide on baking, our … Read more

How To Rap

How to rap

Many people think rapping is singing word afterword, making people laugh or clap for them, but Rap God by Eminem doesn’t suggest so. Rap God displayed a more critical quality of speed, contracts, and other important factors we will be discussing below. Also, Rap God by Eminem doesn’t display all the qualities of a good … Read more

Practical Steps on How to Tie Gele

how to tie gele

 A lot of ladies, especially in Africa, are stuck in the dilemma of how to tie Gele. Some always get disappointed, some give up while some pay others to do it for them. Have you thought about tying your Gele by yourself? Yes!  It’s a very simple skill that you can learn without stress. This … Read more