Practical Guide on How To Bake

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When you feel exhausted and you think the need to refill is important, I’d advise you to bake. It’s a good choice because it is easy and stress-free. If you follow strictly the basic steps in this article you should get over it, just after you’re done reading.

In this how to guide on baking, our pastry of choice is the cake. Other than a cake, there are other foods especially in Nigeria that can be baked. Some of such include, moi moi, Okpa etc. In the course of this article, we would be elucidating on the ingredients needed for baking, and a step wise guide on how to bake. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Important Ingredients For baking Cake 

I’m not compromising, but you can’t go straight into baking if you don’t have the ingredients. Here is an overview of the important ingredients that you would need when trying to bake.


how to start bakery business in nigeria

When baking a cake from scratch, don’t forget to choose a quality floor. You could go with your local flower, although, it is not the best for the baking business.

The flour itself is supposed to contain its most important ingredient, a protein which forms gluten when mixed or kneaded. Gluten gives the cake their chewy, rustic, texture. It is also an important component of cake that makes it tough and dry.

Bob’s Red Unbleached Organic All-purpose flour takes the place of the best flour in the world. However, you could find it difficult to get this type of flour in your local area. However, it is best that you opt for your local floor.

Also, other important ingredients for baking are; eggs, fat, usually butter, sugar, salt, and milk. Any kind of milk is accepted, but you should go with liquid milk, and as well as the leavening agents.

Leavening Agents

Leavening agents help in causing expansions of dough and batters by the release of gases during baking. Such agents include baking soda, baking powder, air, steam, yeast e.t.c However, the best leavening agent is baking soda so you should go with this one.  After getting yourself prepared to make the best cake let’s jump right in.

Stepwise guide on how to bake Cake


I guarantee, if you follow carefully the guidelines listed below, you should be one of the best in the business by the end of the day.

Step #1: sterilize all baking equipment

First start off by washing your baking equipment thoroughly in running water to clean the specks of dirt. It is advisable to put each of them in hot oil, to guarantee they are all bacteria-free. Steam can also be used to sterilize your baking materials.

Step #2: Proceed to the first mixture

Baking a cake would need a thorough mixture. Firstly mix chocolate with other ingredients, and mix thoroughly.

Step #3: cream butter and sugar

This technique is always baffling but you will enjoy it. Cream carefully the butter and sugar and then mix thoroughly

Step #4: Add the eggs

After mixing all the eggs, you will probably proceed with adding the eggs to the already creamed butter and sugar.

Step #5: add the chocolate

The Prepared chocolate in the first mixture will now be added to your product. The next thing to do is to mix thoroughly to obtain a single mixture.

Step #6: Add all other ingredients

After obtaining your products from step five proceed to add all other ingredients that were mentioned earlier in this article. Lastly, the cake is baked and cool. Moreover, the product to be baked is placed in an oven basically. But you can also place it in hot ashes or on hot stones. Most importantly, after baking, allow the cake to cool on a cooling rack for some time. The best time frame for this is usually an hour or two. Then, the next step would be to flip the cake out onto a piece of plastic wrap.

Kindly wrap the cake, carefully and store it inside the fridge overnight. In the morning, you have perfectly baked a cake with a texture that dreams are made of.

Moreover, if the cake has a deadline and it can’t wait, try the steps to get the perfect cake.

  • Take the cake out of the pan and as pans easily, retain a lot of heat, and also don’t let any cool air get to the cake itself.
  • Use a cooling rack that will help the cake off of the table to allow cool air to penetrate.
  • Cut the cake if you intend to fill it with frosting, as a tasty feeling.


However, the ultimate method of cooling the cake quickly is leaving it wrapped inside a refrigerator where the ice touches all parts, making your cake a dream come true.

How to Bake Without an Oven at home

For Nigerians that do not have an oven, you can opt for the traditional style for baking pastry. This involves using a pot that is filled with sand. Yes Sand!

  • Prepare a bowl full of dry sand. The sand of choice is sharp sand and not loamy soil.
  • The sand should be very dry and have no moisture in it.
  • After preparing your pastry for baking, put the sand in a pot and heat for 24 minutes.
  • After heating, open the pot and insert your baking pan.
  • The size of the pot here, is dependent on the size of the baking pan. So get a baking pan that matches the size of your pot. This is a DIY oven that can be used if you do not have an actual oven for baking.
  • After the pot and sand is done heating use the heat as a hack to bake any pastry you want.


If you do not fancy the DIY approach to baking, you can opt for some Gas cookers with ovens.



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