Work in Canada As A Real Estate Agent 2023

For individuals with an aptitude for selling and a passion for beautiful properties, working as a real estate agent in Canada is a dream come true. Have you worked in the real estate sector before and are seeking for a change of pace? If that’s the case, you might wish to seek for work in Canada as a real estate agent.


Well over 95 percent of real estate brokers operate in the rental and leasing industry, with anything from 200 to 50,900 agents working across Canada’s provinces and territories. Do you want to introduce your sales expertise to Canada? Take a look at the top five provinces in Canada with fantastic career prospects and how to get there.

Work As A Realtor In Canada

Where to Find Work in Canada as Real Estate Agent

1. British Columbia

Real estate agents are on the list of in-demand vocations in five Canadian provinces, including British Columbia. Working as a real estate agent in British Columbia, Canada, might make you about $90,000 per year! In British Columbia, around 20,000 individuals work as real estate agents, with more than 95% of them working in renting and leasing. According to Job Bank Canada, job prospects are excellent in the following BC regions:

BC Regions With High Prospects For Real Estate Agents

Cariboo Region

Kootenay Region

Lower Mainland-Southwest Region

Nechako Region

North Coast Region

Northeast Region

Thompson-Okanagan Region

Vancouver Island and Coast Region

2. Manitoba

Another province that is searching for competent and experienced real estate sales agents is Manitoba. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, you can expect to earn roughly $71,371 if you work in Manitoba. In the province, roughly 1,850 individuals work in this field, with renting and leasing accounting for nearly all of them. The following Manitoba regions have good career prospects:

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