Practical Guide on How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

how to make money online

One of the most asked questions by want-to-be financially independent Nigerians is how to make money online in Nigeria. Not every endeavor to make money online winds up as a scam. There are so many sure-fire ways that a Nigerian can take advantage of Nigerian cyberspace to fill their pockets. In the course of this … Read more

Hisense Smart TV for Nigerian Homes: Is it a good choice for your Next TV Purchase ?

hisense 40" smart 4K tV

One of the best Televisions that is a good fit for Nigerian homes is the Hisense Smart TV. This television comes with cool features that make it buy-worthy. This article is going to review whether the Hisense smart tv should be your next TV purchase. We would also be looking at the best Hisense Smart … Read more

5 Reasons Why Nigerians should not be Homophobic Towards Bobrisky


  In our contemporary world today, being homophobic is a crime, as it gives our society a low standard. Also, it encompasses a range of negative effects and feelings towards homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender. Homophobia is the fear, discomfort, or distrust of people identified as being bisexual or homosexual. In our world today, many people … Read more